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Case Study: Google Ads Strategy For ChunkCase with Performance Max

"We got 48 purchases, $2000+ worth of orders in 1 month with $600 ad spend."

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Our Goal

Soodo's goal is to bring results to your business by combining our digital marketing experience with lean marketing methodologies

The results

Purchases within 2 months


Avg. CPC


ROAS within 2 months

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Soodo teams up with a Tech accessories brand to breathe new life into their advertising strategy.

In this case study, we unveil how niching down your target customer and knowing the way the shop, discover and purchase products of your niche will help increase conversion rates.

From switching advertising platform, relying and ‘trusting’ the algorithms, this case study will present the guiding principles of lean marketing, resulting in effective lead capture.


Our collaboration with ChunkCase initially began as a service engagement, and subsequently, the brand was integrated into our portfolio. As of 2024, ChunkCase continues to be a key brand under the Soodo umbrella, managed jointly with one co-founder.

ChunkCase.com operates within the tech accessories sector, where functional technology meets sophisticated design. Our primary target market includes Generation Z and young Millennials. Our success is driven by strategically curating products that offer competitive pricing within the marketplace. Concurrently, we maintain a commitment to authenticity and engagement with young consumers through various social media platforms.


Limited Budget + Negative ROAS

ChunkCase had 4-figures/month to spend on search engine & social media ads. Facebook ads are not running well and Google Ads are at breakeven.

Poor Conversion Rates on Website

Traffic sent to the website are not converting due to unclear targetting and overall UIUX of the website.

Low Average Order Value (AOV)

Before we took over, best sellers are in a product category that only generates $20~ per order. Running ads are therefore highly stressful.

The results
Google Ads Strategy with Performance Max: Screenshot CC Google Ads


Limited Budget + Negative ROAS

Guided by lean methodology, our strategy was anchored in making data-driven decisions. We initiated this process by conducting a comprehensive audit of the customer purchase journey, assessing both the website and existing advertising strategies of ChunkCase.

Operating with a budget of less than $10,000 a month, we opted to concentrate our efforts on Google Ads initially, aiming to enhance the Average Order Value (AOV) before allocating more resources to other social media platforms.

Over the course of one month, we conducted experiments with Google Shopping, Performance Max (PMax), and Search ads to determine the most effective approach for our niche.

Simultaneously, we applied for and integrated Google Reviews to bolster our organic reach and enhance trust among potential customers.

Poor Conversion Rates on Website & Low AOV

Following a comprehensive overhaul of the ChunkCase website, we observed an immediate increase in conversion rates by 1-2%, a trend that persisted for over a week. This confirmed that the website revamp was a resounding success.

However, a detailed review of the business upon integrating ChunkCase as a portfolio brand, which we now co-own, revealed that the low Average Order Value (AOV) posed a significant challenge to our long-term goal of establishing a sustainable business.

In response, we quickly pivoted towards a rebranding strategy aimed at increasing the AOV to $50 per order. This shift involved conducting in-depth customer research to refine our understanding of buyer personas and curating a selection of new products to better meet their needs.

Google Ads Success

We concentrated on Google Ads marketing, initiating two complementary campaigns. The first was a Google Shopping campaign, which became significantly more effective after integrating reviews into the products displayed in the shopping tab. This integration enhanced visibility and fostered trust among potential customers as they browsed.

Our second campaign utilized Google Performance Max. Typically, a Performance Max campaign is recommended for brands with a minimum daily budget of $100 and at least 50 organic orders per day.

This approach was a calculated risk that ultimately proved successful. We leveraged Google’s algorithms for targeted reach and conducted daily reviews to refine our campaigns, which encompassed over 100 products.

Our advertising strategy embodies the principles of lean methodology: initially eliminating ineffective tactics, focusing on testing, and swiftly adapting based on insights.

The outcomes are a testament to our strategy’s effectiveness, particularly the retargeting component of Google Performance Max, which yielded high-quality inquiries at an efficient cost. Through ongoing testing of segmented campaigns and iterative refinements to our messaging, we developed an engagement strategy that resonates profoundly with ChunkCase’s new customer base.


Soodo is an eCommerce Venture Builder for Purpose-driven Brands | We build & scale profitable DTC businesses.

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