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Case Study: PatchandBagel Gets Over 200 Purchases with Creatives Marketing

"We got 218 purchases, $8000+ worth of orders after working with Soodo."

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Our Goal

Soodo's goal is to bring results to your business by combining our digital marketing experience with lean marketing methodologies

The results

Purchases within 2 months


Avg. CTR


ROAS within 4 months

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Soodo teams up with a home decor brand to explore different targeting strategies for the same audience, using various social media platforms.

In this case study, we demonstrate how niching down your target customer and understanding their shopping, discovery, and purchasing behaviors can significantly increase conversion rates.

By leveraging different advertising platforms and taking advantage of lower costs on some, such as Pinterest compared to Facebook, we were able to optimize our budget and maximize reach. This case study will present the guiding principles of lean marketing, showing how switching platforms and trusting the algorithms can lead to effective lead capture and improved results.


PatchandBagel, a well-established yet smaller home decor business, faced the challenge of maximizing their marketing budget while achieving significant growth.

With a modest budget of $5,000, they embarked on a targeted Facebook advertising campaign aimed at driving purchases among their primary audience: female home decor enthusiasts aged 20 to 50.

Despite their efforts, the campaigns on Facebook and Instagram had yielded a return on ad spend (ROAS) of only 1 to 2, falling short of breakeven profits.

Recognizing the untapped potential of social media’s vast audience, PatchandBagel sought to enhance their digital advertising strategy. 

They enlisted our expertise to optimize their ads within the constraints of the $5,000 budget, aiming to maximize conversions and achieve a higher ROAS. This case study showcases how our strategic approach transformed their social media marketing efforts, driving better results and a more effective use of their budget.


Limited Budget

Had the constraints of the $5,000 budget for social media advertising.

Highly Competitive Audience Segment

The audience they targeted was highly competitive, with numerous other brands vying for the attention of the same female demographic: : female buyers aged 20 to 50 in North America.

Large Catalogue

Additionally, their large catalog of 200+ products posed a significant challenge in creative testing, as it complicated the process of identifying the most effective ads for each product.

Solution A (Facebook Ads – Failed)

We conducted meticulous market research to maximize our $5000 budget, analyzing audience demographics and identifying prime targeting parameters. Additionally, we delved into customer journeys and scrutinized competitor ads for innovative ideas to test.

Launching a purchase campaign with our three best-selling products on Facebook, we crafted captivating headlines, copy, and creatives to target our ideal North American audience. Despite a reasonable click-through rate, the campaign’s purchase conversions disappointed us. The increasing cost of Facebook marketing in North America, especially for their low-order-value products under $100, indicated that we would need to invest thousands in creative testing before seeing significant results.

Many interested clicks failed to convert into purchases, prompting us to pivot swiftly.

Facebook Ad Spend – $3000, ROAS 1.8X

Solution B (Moved to Pinterest – Success)

We pivoted from Facebook ads to Pinterest ads, aiming to attract relevant prospects who directly shop for home decor on Pinterest. This platform proved more conducive to our large catalog and the goal of driving purchase conversions.

Launching a sales campaign targeting our ideal North American audience on Pinterest, we monitored and adjusted our bid and strategy every 5-7 days based on campaign results and data analysis. Within just two months, we achieved a remarkable 4x return on ad spend (ROAS) on our Pinterest campaigns, showcasing the success of our revamped approach.

Pinterest Ad Spend – $2000, ROAS 4x

The results - Pinterest Campaigns
screengrab results

Pinterest Ads Success

We focused our efforts on Pinterest Ads marketing, leveraging the platform’s success with our sales catalog campaign. Within just a month, we witnessed remarkable results. Additionally, we successfully integrated the Pinterest app, a task known to be complex for clients outside the US. This integration led to organic sales growth, with over 200 orders generated in just two months. The visually stunning images and Pinterest’s automatic algorithm targeting proved immensely beneficial for our brand.

One of the most impressive outcomes was the campaign’s exceptional CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of just $1.11 on Pinterest, a stark contrast to the $20 average on Facebook. This significant difference highlights the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our Pinterest advertising strategy.

As a value-added service, we optimized the landing page and collections on Patch & Bagel’s website, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and driving further sales.

Our success can be attributed to the meticulous optimization of age ranges and countries within the Pinterest dashboard every few days. We also implemented individual campaigns for best-selling products and planned additional retargeting campaigns for the future. Through ongoing testing and iterative refinements, we have developed an advertising strategy that deeply resonates with PatchandBagel’s customer base, driving impressive results and growth for the brand.

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