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Exploring the Best HARO Alternatives for Ecommerce Founders

For ecommerce founders looking to boost their brand’s visibility and acquire valuable backlinks, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) has been a go-to resource.

However, several alternatives have emerged, offering unique features and benefits. This guide, inspired by an article from Ahrefs, reviews the best HARO alternatives based on user feedback, helping ecommerce founders find the right platform to enhance their outreach and PR efforts.

Top HARO Alternatives

1. Help a B2B Writer

Price: Free

Help a B2B Writer is the top alternative, receiving 22% of the vote in the survey. This platform, run by Superpath, connects B2B journalists with industry experts and sources for their stories, making it ideal for ecommerce businesses focusing on B2B markets.

2. Featured

Price: Free and paid plans (starting at $99 per month)

Featured is popular among users, securing 18% of the vote. It allows experts to create profiles showcasing their expertise and helps journalists find suitable sources. This dual approach ensures that ecommerce founders can highlight their knowledge and get featured in relevant stories.

3. Qwoted

Price: Free and paid plans (starting at $99 per month)

Qwoted also received 18% of the vote. It matches journalists with expert sources, streamlining the process of creating high-quality content. This platform is beneficial for ecommerce founders looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

4. Connectively

Price: Free for ten pitches per month

Despite being a newer player, Connectively garnered 12% of the vote. It connects journalists with sources, helping experts gain media exposure. However, initial user experiences have noted some AI-generated responses, highlighting the need for careful vetting.

5. SourceBottle

Price: Free and paid plans (starting at $5.95 per month)

SourceBottle connects journalists, bloggers, and media professionals with expert sources, earning 9% of the vote. This platform is cost-effective and useful for ecommerce founders looking to pitch their insights to journalists.

6. JournoRequest

Price: Free

JournoRequest is a popular X (formerly Twitter) account that shares journalist requests for sources, particularly in the UK. It received 7% of the vote and can sometimes have international reach, making it a valuable tool for gaining exposure.

7. ProfNet

Price: Paid (starting at $1,150 per year)

ProfNet helps journalists find knowledgeable sources for their media content. It scored 5% of the vote, offering a premium service for ecommerce founders willing to invest in high-quality PR opportunities.

8. JustReachOut

Price: 7-day free trial and paid plans (starting at $147 per month)

JustReachOut is a PR and influencer outreach platform that helps businesses connect with relevant journalists and influencers. It received 3% of the vote and provides tools for personalized outreach and relationship management.

9. OnePitch

Price: 14-day free trial and paid plans (starting at $50 per month)

OnePitch simplifies the process of pitching story ideas to journalists, scoring 3% of the vote. It’s a practical tool for ecommerce founders looking to create targeted pitches for media outlets.

10. PitchRate

Price: Free

PitchRate is a free tool that connects journalists and experts, receiving 1% of the vote. It’s useful for subject matter experts seeking PR leads and media coverage.

11. ResponseSource

Price: Free and paid plans (starting at ~$105 per month)

ResponseSource is a UK service that connects media professionals with expert sources, scoring 1% of the vote. It’s a valuable resource for ecommerce founders seeking exposure in the UK market.

12. Forbes Councils

Price: Invitation-only

Forbes Councils is an exclusive community for executives and entrepreneurs. Members can contribute expert content to Forbes.com and gain media exposure. It also scored 1% of the vote, offering a prestigious platform for ecommerce leaders.

13. HERO (Help Every Reporter Out)

Price: Free

Created by Peter Shankman, the original founder of HARO, HERO aims to provide a free platform for journalists and experts to connect. It scored 1% of the vote and promises to remain free.

14. Meltwater

Price: Paid (details available upon signup)

Meltwater, while not receiving votes in the survey, is included for its comprehensive media intelligence and social media monitoring tools. It helps track media coverage and connect with influencers and journalists.

15. Expertise Finder

Price: Free

Expertise Finder, also not voted for in the survey, helps journalists find expert sources from universities. It’s an academic-focused platform that can be valuable for ecommerce founders with a research-oriented approach.

More Ways to Get Expert Quotes and Backlinks

1. Follow X’s “request” hashtags

In addition to platforms, following specific hashtags on X can help find PR opportunities:

  • #JournoRequest
  • #PRrequest
  • #BloggerRequest
  • #Helpareporter

These hashtags can lead to opportunities for quotes and backlinks, as journalists often use them to seek sources.

2. Create targeted content that naturally acquires links

Certain content types, such as statistics-based posts, are more likely to be shared by journalists. These posts can provide valuable data for journalists to cite, leading to backlinks.


For ecommerce founders looking to expand their PR and backlink strategies, exploring HARO alternatives can provide diverse and effective options. By leveraging these platforms and strategies, ecommerce businesses can gain media exposure, establish thought leadership, and enhance their online presence. For more detailed insights, visit the original article by Ahrefs here.

By adopting these innovative PR tools and techniques, ecommerce founders can navigate the competitive digital landscape and achieve sustainable growth.


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