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Our Process on Social Media Advertising for DTC Brands

We love organic sales, but the undeniable truth is:

More Traffic = More Potential Customers

Expand your reach with our comprehensive digital marketing services, incorporating a blend of organic, search engine, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok), as well as email marketing.

We do Social Media advertising the right way.

Advertising should be built on top of solid foundations.

We achieve this by first identifying your unique marketing promise and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), ensuring we choose the most suitable platforms for your brand. We understand the apprehension of investing thousands of dollars without a guaranteed return.

Our approach to marketing sets us apart from traditional agencies. We don’t believe in waiting a month before implementing changes. Our rule of thumb is to make decisions within 2x of the purchase value.

Additionally, we draw heavily on the advertising insights and strategies of industry experts such as Dara Denny, Charles Tichenor, Sabri Suby, and Alex Hormozi to continuously refine and optimize our campaigns.

Data-Driven Iteration and Scaling

Weekly analysis and explanation on ad performance for iterative strategy enhancement. This ongoing process ensures continuous optimization so every ad spend counts.

Market Insight and Analysis


We uncover opportunities outside of social media platforms during our time together, which could potentially save your thousands of expenses.

Long-Term Success


Throughout our marketing efforts, we also uncover insights that can be implemented into a more conversion rate optimized website and content marketing ideas to drive traffic and conversions beyond paid ads.

How It Works

Our Meticulous Process to Advertising Effectively:

Phase 1 aka 'Prep Work'

  • Brand Immersion: We deeply understand your brand’s essence, uncovering core values, competitors, and your unique story to set you apart.

  • Competitive Intelligence: We analyze competitors, market trends, and hidden opportunities for your brand’s dominance.

  • Data-Driven Creativity: Crafting tailored, engaging ads using data insights for maximum resonance and brand loyalty.

  • Customer Understanding: Delving into your ICP’s demographics, psychographics, and behaviors for precise targeting.

  • Competitor Research: Analyzing competitors’ Facebook ads, social media, and website strategies for insights.

  • Positioning Strategy: Crafting the right marketing angles based on thorough research.

  • Ideal Customer Profile Refinement: Meticulously refining your ICP to attract converting customers and fans.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Analyzing user behavior and optimizing your store for maximum conversions.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Launching campaigns across strategic platforms, optimizing in real-time for maximum impact.

Phase 2 aka 'The Fun Part'

Depending on the chosen platforms, we begin creating and launching ads. For Facebook and Instagram, we typically start with testing 3-5 ad sets, each containing 3 creatives, totaling a minimum of 9 creatives upon launch (for budgets of $10,000 and below).

For catalogue-based sales campaigns, we ensure the right targeting and keywords are set.

Before launching a campaign, we provide either a video call or screen captures of copywriting and creatives for brand alignment and approval.

Phase 3 aka 'Reporting & Optimization'

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: We are obsessed with results. We provide weekly performance reports with in-depth data analysis to identify what’s working and what needs tweaking. This data fuels continuous campaign optimization for maximum ROI.

  • Predictive Analytics & A/B Testing: We don’t just react, we predict. We leverage advanced analytics to anticipate customer behavior and test different strategies, ensuring your marketing evolves alongside your audience.

  • Retention & Advocacy Engine: We turn customers into brand evangelists. We implement targeted email marketing campaigns and loyalty programs that nurture relationships, drive repeat purchases, and ignite brand advocacy.

We win only when you win

Our pricing structure involves a 25% fee based on your advertising budget, aligning our success with yours.

Our three-phase approach offers a comprehensive, data-driven, and strategically focused marketing solution designed for explosive growth.


Years of experience


Satisfied clients


Successful campaigns


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