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The Ultimate Guide to 24 Link Building Tactics for E-commerce Founders

Link building, or link earning, is a crucial aspect of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. This process can significantly boost your search engine rankings, increase web traffic, enhance brand visibility, and support your sales and marketing efforts. However, not all link building tactics are created equal. Some may be unsuitable for your business, while others might be too costly or complex to implement.

This comprehensive guide, inspired by Joey Youngblood’s extensive list of link building tactics, aims to educate e-commerce founders on various strategies available to them. Remember, the effectiveness of these tactics can vary, and some may no longer be valuable for SEO.

1. Photo Credit Link Building

Leverage unique photography, graphics, and illustrations to secure high-quality links through attribution requirements.

2. Guest Blog Posting

Write guest posts for industry-related websites. Ensure your content is valuable to their audience and include links to your site within the article or author bio.

3. Surveys for Link Building

Conduct surveys on topics relevant to your audience using online tools. Publish the results with quality graphics to attract links.

4. Scientific and Unique Research Link Building

Conduct scientific or unique research related to your industry. Publish your findings to attract links from academic and industry-related sources.

5. Statistics Page Link Building

Create and maintain a statistics page on a relevant subject for your industry to attract links from those seeking reliable data.

6. Resource Page Link Building

Develop a resource page that curates valuable information for a specific audience, attracting links from those seeking comprehensive resources.

7. Broken Link Building

Identify broken links on other websites and suggest replacing them with links to your relevant content.

8. Unlinked Brand Mentions

Use tools to find online mentions of your brand. Reach out to the authors to convert these mentions into links.

9. Content Curation for Link Building

Curate content on specific topics extensively on your blog or a dedicated microsite to attract links.

10. Social Media Tactics

Create engaging social media content, such as memes or boosted posts, targeting industry writers and bloggers to attract links.

11. Press Release Distribution

Issue press releases for noteworthy events or achievements to gain organic mentions and links from news websites.

12. Media Outreach and Digital PR

Contact journalists and bloggers with pitches on your noteworthy content. Use tools like HARO to respond to requests from media professionals seeking sources.

13. Content Expert and Podcasting

Publish high-quality content on your website or hosted platforms like YouTube. Start a podcast to engage your audience and attract links.

14. YouTube and Twitter Link Building

Build a YouTube channel or Twitter account focused on your niche. Link to your website within your content.

15. Technical Tactics

Develop free WordPress themes or plugins, or place branded links in client websites’ footers. Create useful browser extensions or addons.

16. Creative Content Tactics

Design infographics, data visualizations, how-to graphics, or ultimate guides. Develop interactive charts and graphs or create a complete list of something relevant to your audience.

17. Community Engagement and Support

Participate in online communities, answer questions, or provide discounts. Support crowdfunded projects that offer backlinks as incentives.

18. Local and Charitable Initiatives

Host events, participate in charitable activities, or create internship programs to gain links from local news and educational institutions.

19. Product and Service-Related Tactics

Publish product comparisons, reviews, or create a glossary of industry terms. Offer free resources like Google Sheets templates.

20. Unique and High-Risk Tactics

Be innovative or controversial, set brazen goals, or predict the future to attract attention and links. Engage in bold marketing stunts like memorable billboards.

21. Directories and Listings

Submit your business to online directories, alumni lists, or job listing sites.

22. Educational Resources

Create online courses, event guides, or tutorials. Share industry news recaps via newsletters.

23. Microsites and New Concepts

Build a microsite or invent new words or holidays to generate interest and links.

24. Collaborations and Partnerships

Form content partnerships with related businesses or be a guest on industry podcasts to gain backlinks.

Implementing a diverse array of link building tactics can significantly impact your e-commerce website’s SEO and overall digital marketing success. 

Choose strategies that align with your business goals, resources, and industry. 

For a complete list of link building tactics and further details, check out Joey Youngblood’s comprehensive guide here.

By understanding and strategically applying these tactics, e-commerce founders can effectively enhance their online presence, drive quality traffic, and achieve sustained business growth.


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