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Questions to Ask When Choosing an eCommerce Agency


Selecting the right agency to steer your brand through the complexities of online commerce is paramount.

With the stakes higher than ever, the partnership you choose can either catapult your brand to new heights or leave you navigating murky waters.

As projections indicate, the digital marketplace is only set to expand, making the choice of an e-commerce agency a critical pivot point for businesses aiming for growth and longevity.

This guide aims to illuminate the path to choosing an agency that not only understands your business needs but also aligns with your vision.

Ask and Gauge if They Understand Your E-commerce Needs

Before you set sail in search of an agency, it’s crucial to map out your own e-commerce needs. This introspection acts as the compass guiding your journey, ensuring you align with an agency capable of navigating your specific challenges and objectives.

Identifying Your Goals

What does success look like for your e-commerce venture? Is it scaling your online presence, enhancing user experience, or perhaps, diversifying your market reach? For instance, a burgeoning fashion label might see success in amplifying its digital footprint and engaging a global audience, setting a clear directive for potential agency partnerships.

Assessing Your Internal Capabilities

Understanding your in-house strengths and areas for improvement can significantly influence your choice of an agency. For example, if your team excels in product innovation but lacks digital marketing prowess, your focus might lean towards agencies renowned for their cutting-edge marketing strategies.

The Search for the Perfect Match

Finding the right e-commerce agency is akin to finding a trusted co-captain for your voyage. It’s about discovering a partner whose expertise, strategic approach, and ethos resonate with your brand’s aspirations.

Researching Potential Agencies

Embarking on your search, consider a broad sweep to compile a potential list, using industry forums, recommendations, and accolades as your guiding stars. Websites like Clutch.co offer a treasure trove of agency listings with detailed reviews and ratings, serving as a valuable resource in your quest.

Follow your short-listed agencies on their social media to find out how they work, their philosophy & if working with them aligns with your brand and personal values.

Evaluating Agency Expertise and Experience

Dive into the history and achievements of your shortlisted agencies.

Ask for a proven track record in your specific e-commerce sector, ensuring they possess the navigational prowess to steer your brand towards its goals.

For instance, your potential agency should have case studies that reflect a spectrum of successes across various e-commerce verticals, offering potential partners a glimpse into our strategic depth and execution capabilities.

The Vetting Process

With a narrowed list of contenders, the vetting process becomes your crucible, testing each agency’s mettle to ensure they’re the right fit for your e-commerce journey.

Reviewing Portfolios and Case Studies

A deep dive into an agency’s portfolio can offer invaluable insights into their creative and strategic bandwidth. Look for diversity in their projects and the impact of their solutions on client success metrics.

Ask About What Their Approach Would Be to Your Business

Engage with your potential agencies to understand their approach to solving e-commerce challenges.

Getting an initial consult can be instrumental in gauging their problem-solving acumen and their adaptability to the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Cultural Fit and Communication

The synergy between your team and your chosen agency is critical for a fruitful partnership.

Assess the cultural alignment and ensure there’s a mutual understanding and respect, foundational for effective collaboration and communication.

Understanding Your E-commerce Needs

The Decision-Making Criteria

Armed with in-depth analysis and insights from the vetting process, the decision-making stage is where you weigh your options against a set of predetermined criteria.

Expertise Alignment

Ensure the agency’s core strengths align with your e-commerce needs. Specialization in areas pertinent to your business, such as SEO, user experience design, or specific e-commerce platforms, can be decisive factors.

ROI and Value Proposition

Consider the agency’s value proposition and its alignment with your budgetary considerations and expected ROI. The cost-to-value ratio is a critical determinant in this decision matrix.

Long-term Partnership Potential

Look beyond the immediate project scope to assess the agency’s potential as a long-term partner. The digital e-commerce landscape is perpetually in flux, necessitating a partner who is not just a service provider but a growth catalyst. The right agency should we view each partnership through a lens of long-term collaboration and mutual growth.


Choosing the right e-commerce agency is a nuanced journey, demanding a blend of strategic foresight, diligent research, and intuitive judgment. 

As you embark on this pivotal decision, remember that the right agency is more than a service provider; it’s an extension of your team, a co-navigator in your brand’s voyage towards digital success.

At soodo.co, we pride ourselves on being such partners to our clients, guiding them through the digital currents with expertise, innovation, and a shared vision for success.


Soodo is an eCommerce Venture Builder for Purpose-driven Brands | We build & scale profitable DTC businesses.

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