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Social Media Advertising: Can I see case studies?

Yes –

Case Study: PatchandBagel Gets Over 200 Purchases with Creatives Marketing

CRO: Do you have other past website projects I can view?

Yes, we have worked on several projects, including ChunkCase.compatchandbagel.com, Karvatravels.com and IBZA.com.sg. For the last unlinked websites, they have been edited by clients themselves after our work, so they may not represent our efforts entirely.

CRO: Is social media integration included?

Yes, social media integration (connecting to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) is included. It only involves installing an app, and we will do it with you via a video call so that we do not handle private matters like your social login credentials.

CRO: Is training included for listing items in a Shopify store?

Yes, we provide training on how to list items in your Shopify store. This is a straightforward process, and we can assist via WhatsApp or video calls as needed. We have also existing walkthrough videos from past clients on our Instagram page.

SEO: What can I do to improve my SEO now?