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FAQs About Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Service

(Last Updated 20 June, 2024)

Here, we address common questions about our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services to help you understand how we can enhance your website’s performance and boost your conversion rates.

To understand our approach on building new Shopify websites, read here.

If you’re looking for FAQs on SEO, please note that on-page SEO is included in our Shopify CRO services, while off-page SEO is better answered here and here, and is tailored for each brand. Off-page SEO is usually a combination of getting high-authority backlinks combined with good content, we have limited intake of clients for off page SEO due to the amount of time needed to rank.


General Questions

Do you have other past website CRO projects I can view?

Yes, we have worked on several projects, including ChunkCase.com, patchandbagel.com, Karvatravels.com and IBZA.com.sg. For the last 2 unlinked websites, they have been edited by clients themselves after our work, so they may not represent our efforts entirely.

Does your quote include any mapping of existing pages?

Yes, our quote includes mapping.  We map all information from your current pages to the new site. For example, all product information would be included in the new, revamped site. Same for contact information, About Us, etc.

Social Media and Email Marketing Integration Questions

Is social media integration included?

Yes, social media integration (connecting to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) is included. It only involves installing an app, and we will do it with you via a video call so that we do not handle private matters like your social login credentials.

What’s the cost for SMS and email integration?

We typically use Klaviyo for SMS and email integration. The setup is free; we will install Klaviyo and guide you on account creation. Charges for setting up your flows and campaigns are separately charged.

How much does it cost to include email marketing? Is it easy to DIY in Shopify admin settings?

Email marketing via Klaviyo will incur costs based on the number of campaigns and flows. If you use Shopify Flows, you can set it up yourself for free.

Google Analytics Integration Questions

How much does it cost to include Google Analytics integration? Is this easy to do myself?

Google Analytics integration can be done by yourself, especially if you are tech-savvy, as it usually requires company information. We can assist if needed, but it is straightforward.

Google Shopping however is best handled by an expert. We offer Google Shopping connection as well as integration of reviews to Google Shopping.

Other Integration Questions

How much does it cost to integrate online courses? Which app do you recommend?

The cost for integrating online courses ranges from $2000 to $3000, depending on data migration and the app used. 

Design and Training Questions

Can you do artwork and banner design?

Yes, artwork and banner design can be included for additional fees.

Training and Support Questions

Is training included for listing items in a Shopify store?

Yes, we provide training on how to list items in your Shopify store. This is a straightforward process, and we can assist via WhatsApp or video calls as needed. We have also existing walkthrough videos from past clients on our Instagram page.


We hope this FAQ has addressed your queries. For further information or personalized assistance, please contact us directly.

We’re here to help you optimize your website and enhance your conversion rates!

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