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Free ChatGPT Product Descriptions Hack: Copy and Paste

Save Hours of Work Using This Template

Generate high converting product descriptions by using this template. Simply copy and paste this into ChatGPT.

Generate high converting product descriptions by using this template.

Copy and paste the following to GPT:

(edit bolded parts before pressing enter)

Act as an expert copywriter for my online store. My brand name is (insert brand name). My brand’s identity is (insert descriptive words that signifies your brand’s tone). My target audiences are (insert descriptive words about target audience).

I am going to show you a great example of product description copywriting. Take inspiration from it.

After this prompt, what I will do is provide you with just some information about my own products. You are to rewrite them as an expert copywriter and use keywords for SEO optimization. Provide a creative title for my product as well. Do not use semi colons.

This is the example of a good product description:

You are now about to experience the (long tail product title keywords), made especially to solve (Pain Point). Our (Product) will allow you to (3 benefits of product).

We understand, you (highlight pain points), the last thing you
want to do now is to (biggest fear without this product and what will happen if they don’t buy it)

(Brand name) have spent (time and effort spent in optimizing this product) till the best version it could be. (Add unique selling proposition).

(Target audience) loves this and many have (list down great experiences from using this product)

(List down attributes of product in bullet points OR why target audience should buy this product OR why buy from us instead of other brands)

(End with a closing CTA only if neccessary)

Once GPT has generated a respond, proceed to enter your product descriptions as much as you can and watch the magic happen.

Some extra things you can add in your GPT request:
– Use Emojis
– Set a brand tone (more excited/more professional)
– Keep it within x number of words or paragraphs
– Use ‘____’ as keyword
– Focus on problem-solution/ focus on limited time offer


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