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Shopify Website Development: Our Strategic Approach

🌎 Our approach to

Shopify Website Development

Soodo works with you to build the website of your dream business.

Why Brands Choose Soodo

Supercharge your DTC success without the guesswork.

Soodo eliminates the guesswork in your Shopify website development, drawing on a decade of expertise to manage the complexities of building your online platform.

This allows you to focus on the pivotal areas of your business that matter most – like products & community building.

If you have an existing website, we also offer Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) only.

Our Process

Our Strategic Blueprint for Your Shopify Success

1. Business Identity & Theme Analysis

We delve into your business concept to tailor website templates that resonate with your target audience’s behaviors and preferences. The initial analysis is completed in under one week.

2. Brand and Product Development on Shopify

Our streamlined process, from initiation to the first draft, typically spans less than three weeks. This phase includes the seamless migration of existing content from previous websites.

3. Revisions and Testing

We refine your website to ensure it is optimized for conversion rates, page speed, and on-page SEO, enhancing overall performance and user engagement.

4. Finalization and Handover

Training is included. For FAQs, Comprehensive training is provided upon completion to empower your team with the necessary tools and knowledge. For further details, please consult our FAQs.

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Soodo is an eCommerce Venture Builder for Purpose-driven Brands | We build & scale profitable DTC businesses.

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